Study Aids for Korean and Chinese Characters.

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Neo's Hanja is a free downloadable software series for non-commercial use by students, teachers and all those interested in learning classical Chinese characters "Hanja" and Korean vocabulary and grammar patterns.

We began production in 2001 with a handful of users. It is now in wide use helping thousands of people in five continents around the globe with their Hanja Study.

This software is often used by our clients in Korea in preparation for the bi-annual Korean National Hanja Certification Test and for the annual National Korean Language Test. 

Neo's Hanja may also be used as an effective tool to broaden your Korean vocabulary.

It is also a nice, exotic screen-saver.

Neo's Hanja Educational Technology is a non-profit corporation. We have recently moved into our new facilities near Kwanak Mountain in Seoul South Korea! 

Visitors are welcome and group tours are available on weekends. 


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